Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to make middle eastern rap beat - All you need to start making your beat

If you wanna learn how to make a middle eastern style rap beat from scratch you've come to the right place, today I'm gonna show you or to be accurate I'm gonna tell you all steps you'll have to do to make a pretty middle eastern rap beat.
First of all, if you wanna be a professional music producer whatever the genre you wanna produce, you must have a good listening ears that can catch melodies or have the creativity to create a new good melody.
So if you have a good melody in your mind, the question would be how can I make this melody on my computer?
What I'm trying to say, you can't be a good music producer without a creativity musician mind that can create new melodies, and especially in our case now eastern melodies.
So now I will assume that you have an eastern melody in your mind.
Here are the steps you need to follow to make your middle eastern rap beat.

1- You must have middle eastern instruments.

Here you can find most of the middle eastern VST instruments and soundfonts:
Best Middle Eastern Free VST instruments and SoundFonts.
EasternONE VST free download - Middle eastern instruments.
Those instruments you'll have to put it into your Music Producing program, if you use FL Studio like me you'll need to put all the .dll files in C:\Program Files\VST Plugins
But all sound fonts you can drag and drop them directly to your FL Project, So there's no need to move them to any specific direction.

2- You must have middle eastern drums kit.

Most of these kits are available for free online, but I'll give you the best of those kits.
Takim VST - Middle East Drums Kit Free Download
Eastern Derbuka Drums Free Download
As I told you previously you'll need to move the VST Takim to C:\Program Files\VST Plugins, but the derbuka you can drag and drop it to your project easily.

3- Start making your music.

Now you have to let your creativity mind make eastern melodies, and make rap drums loop as usual but also use the eastern drums kit.

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