Friday, April 24, 2015

How to sell beats online - Best Free Three Ways to Sell your Beats Online

How to sell beats online - Best Free Three Ways to Sell your Beats Online
There are many ways that can make you able to make few dollars online by selling your beats, I will tell you some of those ways, but before we get start you have to be sure about your beats. is it really pretty enough to people to buy? Because if you're an amateur music producer you wouldn't make money from selling your music online. You have to be professional, Another words, You MUST MAKE GOOD BEATS.
So now if you've made some good beats how can you sell them online and make few dollars from it?
There is few different ways to do that.

1- Sell your beats through online stores.

There are many music store that allow you to upload your beats and take all your earnings from your music buyers like MyFlashStore And Roccbatlle.
Through these websites you can simply create a new account and start uploading your beats and specify their prices yourself.
These websites allow you to get your money through your PayPal account, and this is the most common way to earn money online from selling beats.

2- Sell your beats on SoundCloud Or YouTube.

It's very easy way, all you have to do is to create an account on SoundCloud and upload your beats but don't allow them to be available to download, then in the description of your beat put a PayPal buy button link that you can make easily from this link: Click here
You can specify the price, the product name (in this case it would be the beat name) and the paypal email that will receive the money.
After making the button for a single beat, copy its URL and put it in the description of the beat, of course by this way you won't get many buyers at once, you need to know how to increase your soundcloud listeners by few way I will blog soon.
The same thing on YouTube ! Just upload your beat and put a paypal buy now link in the description in your video.

3- Make your own website.

I know that to make a website it will cost a lot of money to buy a domain name, then a hosting plan, then a Music Store Script, but there's no need for all of these things right now !
Simply by making a paypal buying button (like we explained in point number 2) You can make a free website or blog using any website that offer this service for free like Blogger, you can share your beats on your free website and put a paypal buy now button for each of your beats simply like this article:
They're very easy free ways !
But remember you wouldn't get buyers at once you upload your beats, You have to share your website or your account where you sell your beats in Facebook groups, Twitter Hashtags and anywhere else, But remember to share in an music interested place like Underground Rappers Facebook Groups for example.

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