Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Best 21 Middle Eastern VST Instruments and Soundfonts Free Download

Best 21 Middle Eastern VST Instruments and Soundfonts
I've collected the best 21 Middle Eastern VST Intrumentsand SoundFonts with different patches which I always use in most of my eastern music projects.
In this pack you'll find:
1- Accordion. 
2- Baglama.
3- Elrog.
4- Fantasi.
5- Jazz baby.
6- Kaman.
7- Qanun.
8- Ney.
9- Organic.
10- Oud.
11- Takim.
12- Zourna.
13- Duduk Sus.
14- Emre Ud.
15- Emre Qanun.
16- Emre Kaman 1.
17- Emre Kaman2.
18- Emre Tanbur 1.
19- Emre Tanbur 2.
20- Emre Batilar.
21- Sitar.
I wish they help you in your musician projects.
File Size: 31MB.
Download: Click Here.
Zip Extracting Password: lilessam.blogspot.com


  1. hi. how do we use them in cubase?

  2. thanks very musch, this is very useful!

  3. Hello, do you have an OSX 64 version please?

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  5. lilessam.blogspot.com

    this is the password as it is written above

  6. Thx a lot guys btw ur thoughts about this sound pack what do u think?